About the Township

Map showing location of Turtle River Township in Beltrami County, Minnesota

Located in Beltrami County, Turtle River Town hall sits adjacent to the world-renowned Concordia Language Villages.  Turtle River, the only town within the township, was named after Turtle River Lake and the Turtle River, which meanders throughout the area.

The population of the township boasts the sixth largest in Beltrami County, at approximately 1,137 with 456 households.  Township staff includes five Supervisors, Clerk, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Planning and Zoning Board, Cemetery Sexton, Election Judges, and cleaning staff.  Responsibilities include road and bridge maintenance, weed control, small animal bounty/control, fire, and building maintenance.  The town hall (recently converted to all LED lighting) and pavilion are available for rental.

The township encompasses some of the Chippewa National Forest, the first national forest established east of the Mississippi River.  This area is one of the largest breeding areas of bald eagles in the lower-48 states.  The northern-most part of the Mississippi River flows through Turtle River Township.  

Memberships are held with BRACO (Bemidji Rural Animal Control Organization) and the Bemidji Rural Fire Association.

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Township History

Historical photo of early buildings in Turtle River, Minnesota

In 1899, Fred DeSilver began construction of Turtle River, building a hotel and several stores.  Railroads were introduced to the area in 1901 and a post office operated until 1944.  Several fires have plagued the little town over the century.  

Recently, a Little Free Library was placed on site by the town hall for community use. 

Organizations in the township are encouraged to be stewards of the Adopt-A-Highway ditch clean-up program.  

Exterior photo of the front of the Turtle River Town Hall and Community Center

The Town Hall & Community Center and the South Arm Cemetery are located at 9983 South Arm Court, northeast of Bemidji on Beltrami County Road 20. Click here to view in Google Maps. (Note that this is not a mailing address for Township business; please do not send mail to this address.)