Cemetery Guidelines

Cemetery plot cost is $75 for residents, $150 for non-residents.
  1. The town board and cemetery committee are not responsible for insurance on articles left on grave sites.
  2. Decorations are allowed 10 days prior to holidays and must be removed 10 days after holidays. This includes trinkets, wreaths, flags, toys, and such, except when a container is part of the headstone.
  3. All old faded flowers must be removed. Do not throw them over the fence! If you’re unable to remove your flowers, please contact the Cemetery Sexton.
  4. Headstones are not to exceed 4’ in height.
  5. Headstones are not to exceed 4’ in width, except when double. Two plots with one headstone are not to exceed 5’4” in width.
  6. Bases for headstones are not to exceed 4’ x 2”, except when double.
  7. No trees allowed inside fenced area of cemetery.

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